Titan Blackhawk off road caravans are available for immediate delivery. We will be able to turn your dream van into a reality.

Our models come with spacious and ultra-modern interiors. A long list of standard features set the Blackhawks apart from the competition. 2019 Series

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Off Road Caravans

In the winter, everyone wants to go out, travel around the country and explore new places. One of the best way to travel and camping is getting your own caravan and discover the various part of Australia in holydays. As the name recommends, off road caravans or off road camper have very high ground clearance. Therefore, the caravans give freedom to go to those places where the road based caravans can not go. In addition, all caravans and camping are fitted with some features like Lead Sharing Suspensions, CruiseMaster Independent Suspension, and Heavy Duty Hitch.


Our purchasing team is always searching for the latest in quality products and fittings for our caravans. By constantly seeking quality products from reputable suppliers we can ensure the appliances fitted to all our caravans and Off Road Campa or Camper will give you the confidence that your van will always be ready for action when you’re ready to hit the road. At Titan Caravans we have developed a range of products that are ready to hit the road and events caravans and camping. However, if you would like a caravan that is built to your specifications we can cater to each and every customer’s individual needs. Our trained sales team can assist in tailoring a package to suit all levels of touring.


Titan Caravans Are A New Name In All-Australian  Off road camper vans and Motorhomes. At Titan Caravans Australia, we are the experts of the caravans and camping industry. Titan Off Road Caravans, Apache Caravans, Expander Caravans and Family Caravans is the best and most popular designs with all featured options available. Also available in custom design. Find out our best range models of "off road caravans". With over 10+ Years in the caravan and camping industry, we have been able to establish a good relationship with service agents throughout Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is to provide all of our customers with the highest level of after sales service through the ownership of their events caravans and camping no matter where you are. Titan Caravans operates an internal logistics department that can arrange the freight of your new caravan and  Australia wide at competitive rates. Contact us today for a quotation on freight. Titan off road caravans events caravans and camping are available for immediate delivery. We will be able to turn your dream van into a reality. Our models come with spacious and ultra-modern interiors. A long list of standard features set the Apache apart from the competition. 2019 Series.

Caravan and Camping Showare a great place to find your new models of caravan. Are you planning to come to caravan camping shows? We will be there. We are happy to guide you to choose your best fit Off Road Caravans or  Family Caravans.

We are participating in all Queensland Caravan and Camping Show. Our range of off road caravans is not limited to touring couples, we have a wide range of family-friendly layouts to suit most tow vehicles and budgets. You can have confidence that our experienced sales team will make sure you will have the correct off road caravan for any application.

We send our in-house sales staff to a select few off road caravans around Australia to ensure that you will continue to deal with the same salesperson from the early days of researching to the day you pick your new off road caravan and camping sales up and hit the open road. Caravan and Camping Show is a great place for finding a new caravan. Don't miss out on the big caravan and camping shows taking place in 2019.

Just make a plan for your visit to Australian Events Caravan Camping Sell and we will help you to find out the best caravan that suits you. Our new range of caravans is listed below. Please refer to those links. If you want to make some customization, we will be with you. Yes, we built caravans and camping sales or off road caravans as per Australian conditions. Our new caravans built using CRUISEMASTER Suspensions. Our models come with spacious and ultra-modern interiors with great featured options. Check out our latest model range, we have Off Road Caravans, Family Series, Expander Series, and Apache Series Caravans. We will show you all of these in caravan shows.

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